Well equipped laboratories:- Well equipped Science laboratories exist in the School for Physics, Chemistry and Biology where the students are encouraged to learn the things practically. The labs are well planned and adequately equipped.

In the Physics lab, scientific atmosphere prevails with a Telescope, instruments like the Sonometer, Meter bridge, Semiconductor, Barometer and Microscopes.

Chemistry Lab adorned with bottles and jars of acids and alkaline and apparatus develops and encourages the young minds for major experiments.

Biology lab equipped with specimens for demonstrations creates curiosity and interests in the young learners.

The School has a well-equipped Computer lab.

The Mathematics Lab is equipped with various shapes, sizes, patterns and many other items to make the concept of mathematics easier.

The School has a Language lab to encourage students to speak fluently in English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

Smart AV rooms :- School has smart AV rooms equipped with a computer, a tablet to capture an instructor’s handwritten notes, and audio, visual and lighting controls with memorization feature for the settings of each class.

Spacious classrooms :- We believe in having spacious colorful classrooms that make learning fun. Our low teacher-student ratio also enables teachers to give personal attention to all students.


Personal hygiene and medical care:- Personal Hygiene, especially of the younger children, is carried out by the help maids and supervised by an Expert. A qualified medical Physician is always available on call. However, as and when advised by the School physician students are sent under an escort to consult specialists available nearby.

Games and sports:- The School has almost all Sports facilities like indoor and outdoor games. Included in the regular curriculum of the School are an hour of compulsory games every day. These include basketball, volleyball, badminton, table-tennis, cricket, judo, karate, gymnastics and roller-skating. At Ved Dhara, no stone is left unturned to ensure that our students enjoy good health and learn to excel in their chosen sport.

School Transport :- The school has students and staff coming from nearby areas also. All the students and staff are transported in school buses. The transport department regulates the movement of the buses from pick up to drop.