Philosophy :


“Genuine education does not consist of cramming a lot of information and numbers in mind. Nor it lies in passing the examination by reading a number of books, but it lies in developing character. It is a real education which inculcates internal virtues in human beings. If you can develop such virtues, it will be the best education”.


  • School is the temple of Knowledge,
  • Every Child is Unique, success lies in identifying his/her strengths and nurturing them.
  • Children grasp more in nature than classrooms.
  • Education is best imparted through experiments and real life examples
  • Education is not only Academics, but learning Values, culture and developing good human beings.
  • Good Education brings social change.


We at VedDhara are committed to make the students future ready. We will help students grow and become global citizen and yet have a very strong local connect.